Smoked Oak Antique

Smoked Oak is an oak wood with modified color. The wood is core smoked using a complex process and thus achieves a black-brown tone. The typical oak grain remains intact and the wood is highly stylish due to its dark color. The Smoked Oak Antique looks and feels vivid and warm.

The standard product range comprises engineered multilayer parquet with different sizes. You can find further information about the different constructions here.

constructionsurfacegradingsize in mmusable layerarticle number
Multilayer Supermatt 7-Pro UV-varnished S-Natura 1200-800x90x10 3,6mm10978
Multilayer Supermatt 7-Pro UV-varnished S-Natura 1890x189x13,5 3,6mm11601
Multilayer natural oiled S-Natura 1890x189x13,5 3,6mm11602
constructionbasehardnessmoisture at deliveryunderfloor heating?mountingweight
MultilayerMultiply Woodhard7%suitable fully glued down 5,6-6,5kg/m²