Engineered multilayer parquet

Multilayer parquet has a multilayer structure. The wearing layer comprises a bamboo or wood course and the base comprises multiply wood or spruce/pine lamellae, which are turned 90 degrees and glued to the wearing layer. This construction limits the swelling and shrinking behavior of bamboo and all types of wood considerably. Despite its lower installation height, the multilayer bamboo or wood parquet has a long service life and can be sanded multiple times. Our multilayer assortment comprises different sizes of parquet tiles, from the smallest tile with a length of 490mm to our Design-Line with a length of up to 1200mm and one strip planks with up to 1890mm length. The Design-Line is characterized by the diversity of large elements from 1200-800mm and is made perfect with the special width of 120mm. The plank characteristic is combined with the advantages of the multilayer parquet and is therefore one of the best variants for installation on underfloor heating. Please mind our instructions for installation on underfloor heating.

Solid Parquet

This parquet has a particularly solid appearance. The wearing layer is usually fractionally thicker than with the multilayer parquet types. Due to the precise fitting accuracy, we are able to offer solid parquet with all surface treatments, which of course creates cost savings during installation.

3-layer Parquet Tongue and Groove

This 3-layer parquet configuration is different to the 3-layer Clic parquet due to its tongue and groove system and can therefore be fitted in a floating installation or glued down. Due to its large dimensions, 3-layer parquet has the appearance of planks and creates a luxurious and classy ambience.

Industrial Parquet

Industrial parquet is the classic vertical lamellae parquet. The design is timeless, yet modern due to the fine lines on the surface. The lamellae of the industrial parquet are fixed with tape, which is sanded off after installation. In order to close the hairline gaps between the lamellae, the untreated parquet flooring is washed with joint sealer and subsequently sealed or oiled. The particular advantage of industrial parquet is the large wearing layer (10, 17 or 21mm). The appearance is somewhat more robust than that of the plank elements.