We hope to be able to answer most of your questions in advance. If you are unable to find an answer to your question(s), please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

The type of wood you choose exclusively depends on your personal taste and the use/design of your apartment. Every type of wood we offer has proven suitable as parquet flooring and can be used for any living situation due to the excellent technical properties. For more information about the hardness and the natural expansion and contraction behaviour of a certain wood type, please refer to the technical specifications of the respective product page or contact us.

The most important aspect is your personal taste. However, please take into account the lighting of the room as well as the other color-related impressions of your apartment, such as wall paper and furniture when selecting the floor color. Durafloor Werner GmbH offers a wide variety of different parquet flooring, ranging from a bright inviting shade to an elegant dark visual appearance. To obtain a better idea of the visual appearance of the various available wood types, please refer to the product pages or our interactive showroom. To make your final selection easier, please do not hesitate to ask us for a free sample.

Bamboo parquet is available as upright (vertical) or horizontal lamella as a standard. The vertical or horizontal processing of the split bamboo trunks makes it possible to produce these two different surface structures. With upright lamellae, the focus is not so much on the (bamboo) nodes of the bamboo parquet. With the vertical arrangement, the contours of the nodes are discreet, conveying a very modern and noble optical appearance to the bamboo parquet. With horizontal lamellae, the characteristic nodes and texture of the bamboo parquet are clearly visible. This conveys a very natural, far Eastern flair and magnificent vibrancy to the parquet

Again, your personal taste will be the decisive factor. To make your decision easier, we are providing you with a brief summary of the various properties resulting from the treatment with 7-Pro UV-varnish or oil. Please refer to the information about surface treatments or ask our employees for information.

All-over bonding (glue down installation) with the underground is required for installing parquet on top of underfloor heating (hot water heater only). To ensure optimal heat permeability, we recommend using our multilayer parquet. The cross-bonded binding girder significantly reduces the natural expansion and contraction behaviour of parquet and the low height of only 10 mm makes the multilayer parquet ideal for installation on a floor heater. Please make sure that the parquet is suitable for installation on underfloor heating when reading the product description. If you are unable to find the answer, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Direct sun light will slightly darken parquet floor. The exception is the dark (classic) bamboo parquet, which will become slightly brighter. This color change is a natural process of any parquet floor and varies in terms of intensity for the different wood types. However, the color change of the surface penetrates the parquet floor only very slightly or not at all and so the original color shade of the parquet floor can be restored after sanding and re-treating the floor.

For bonded/glued down installation, the parquet floor is firmly bonded with the underground. The advantage is that the parquet floor is less likely to warp and the impact sound is insulated, because there is no hollow layer between the parquet and the floor pavement. Floating installation is less expensive. It is available for the 3-layer construction and to a limited degree for solid wood parquet.

The role of solid wood parquet is gradually decreasing. This decrease occurs due to ecological reasons on the one hand and to technical reasons on the other hand. Every type of strip parquet can be grinded down at most to the tongue and groove connection. Therefore, the entire part of solid wood parquet can no longer be used starting from the slot, which is clearly a waste of the usually slow growing precious woods. As a rapidly growing plant, bamboo is the exception. Consequently, the lifetime of a solid wood strip is only insignificantly longer than the one of a multilayer strip which is also available with enhanced usable layers. From a technical point of view, ready-made parquet is preferable, because it tends to warp (expand and contract) less by approximately 50% compared to solid wood parquet thanks to its special construction. This results in reduced formation of gaps, especially in winter time. Always select multilayer parquet for bonded installations and 3-layer parquet for floating installations.