Oak gradings

Choosing the grading of the parquet is usually the last step in achieving the perfect flooring. We want to assist you in making your choice by presenting the standard gradings.


Due to the handpicked parquet tiles that do not differ greatly in structure and color, this grading shows pure elegance and creates a harmonious atmosphere. It contains only few knots and little visible sapwood. The S-Natura grading has an even and homogeneous appearance without losing the natural look of the wood.


The natural growth of the oak shapes this kind of parquet flooring. Small knots and the interaction of color and structure create a harmonious ambience.


Small knots combined with the elegant interplay of structure and color create a homelike atmosphere. This grading shows the natural character of the wood, but is more homogeneous than our Rustic grading.

RusticFix-Line & SL/-Design-Line

The expressive flooring combines a natural pattern of knots with a lively interplay between color and structure. This parquet reflects the typical nature of the wood.

Long Plank gradings

The Long Plank is available in two different gradings: “Long Plank Natura” and “Long Plank Rustic”

Long Plank Natura

Our Natura grading is handpicked and allows no great differences in structure and color. Only few and small knots combined with nearly no sapwood creates a harmonious ambience without losing the natural look of the wood.

Long Plank Rustic

The Rustic grading comes with a expressive and natural character due to its knots and a little percentage of sapwood. Combined with differential colors and wood texture this creates a lively, natural and comfortable ambience.