Dimensions and Patterns


Our multilayer assortment comprises different sizes of parquet tiles, from the smallest tile with a length of 490mm to our Design-Line with a length of up to 1200mm and one strip planks with up to 1890mm. The Design-Line is characterized by the diversity of large elements from 1200-800mm and is made perfect with the special width of 120mm.

  • FIX-Line490x70x10mm

  • SL-Line1200-800x90x10mm

  • Design-Line1200-800x120x10mm

  • One Strip Plank1890x189x12mm

  • Customized Line One Strip Plank3000-900x300-80x15mm


Brick Pattern

Straight Pattern

Standard Block


Chevron/French Herringbone

Hexagon-Chevron Design Parquet

Rhomb parquet

Panel Parquet Plait Pattern

Hexagon Half Chevron Design Pattern


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