Oak Fix-Line

Oak parquet is the classic amongst parquet woods. In recent years this parquet, with its endless tradition, has enjoyed a grandiose comeback. Architects and developers have opted for this impressive parquet flooring in select largescale projects around the globe. The range of gradings, from S-Natura to Rustic, and the various types of surface treatment (brushed, different gloss levels, various color options, etc.) imply that a whole range of special accents can be provided.

The standard product range comprises engineered multilayer parquet with different sizes. You can find further information about the different constructions here.

constructionsurfacegradingsize in mmusable layerarticle number
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished S-Natura 490x70x10 3,6mm 11302
Multilayer natural oiledS-Natura 490x70x10 3,6mm 11303
Multilayer brushed & 7-Pro UV-varnishedS-Natura 490x70x10 3,6mm 11321
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Natura 490x70x10 3,6mm 11304
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Hanseat 490x70x10 3,6mm 11305
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Rustic 490x70x10 3,6mm 11307
Multilayer natural oiledRustic 490x70x10 3,6mm 11308
constructionbasehardnessmoisture at deliveryunderfloor heating?mountingweight
MultilayerMultiply Woodhard7%suitable fully glued down 5-6kg/m²