Cherry (American)

The cherry wood that we use is native to North America (American cherry). The color is a light-brown to red–orange. The overall appearance is one of intense vitality with an extensive flowerymarbled grain. Once laid, the parquet creates a light and inviting atmosphere.

The standard product range comprises engineered multilayer parquet with different sizes. You can find further information about the different constructions here.

constructionsurfacegradingsize in mmusable layerarticle number
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Natura 1200-800x90x10 3,8mm 19004
Multilayer natural oiledNatura 1200-800x90x10 3,8mm 11408
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Natura 1200-800x120x11,5 3,8mm 11623
Multilayer natural oiledNatura 1200-800x120x11,5 3,8mm 11625
constructionbasehardnessmoisture at deliveryunderfloor heating?mountingweight
MultilayerMultiply Woodmedium7%suitablefully glued down 5-6kg/m²