West African Doussié has a gold-yellow to light-brown base color with a tendency towards a reddish hue. Following exposure to light, these colors tend to darken slightly. The rough texture of the wood and the lightly mottled grain lends the wood a unique appearance and creates a vivid impression.

Due to the growing process, this parquet can show mineral inclusions. These inclusions do not constitute cause for complaints.

The standard product range comprises engineered multilayer parquet with different sizes. You can find further information about the different constructions here.

constructionsurfacegradingsize in mmusable layerarticle number
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Natura 1200-800x90x10 3,8mm 18010
Multilayer natural oiled Natura 1200-800x90x10 3,8mm 11387
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished Natura 1200-800x120x11,5 3,8mm 11620
Multilayer natural oiled Natura 1200-800x120x11,5 3,8mm 11622
constructionbasehardnessmoisture at deliveryunderfloor heating?mountingweight
MultilayerMultiply Woodvery hard7%suitablefully glued down 6-7kg/m²