Bamboo horizontal laminated classic tone

The natural appearance of the bamboo shape is visible through the horizontally arranged nodes, which are highly visible on the finished parquet surface. The classic bamboo colour provides an additional accent and creates a refined and warm atmosphere.

The standard product range reaches from engineered multilayer parquet to solid parquet. You can find further information about the different constructions here.

constructionsurfacesize in mmusable layerarticle number
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished 490x70x10 4mm 10963
Multilayer 7-Pro UV-varnished 980x95x10 4mm 10961
3-ply Clic 7-Pro UV-varnished 2000x200x14 3,6mm 10414
3-ply T+G 7-Pro UV-varnished 2000x150x14 4mm 10172
Solid untreated 960x96x15 10428
Solid 7-Pro UV-varnished 960x96x15 10433
constructionbasehardnessmoisture at deliveryunderfloor heating?mountingweight
MultilayerMultiply Woodhard7%suitable fully glued down 5-6kg/m²
3-ply ClicMultiply Woodhard7%not suitable floating/fully glued down 9kg/m²
3-ply T+GMultiply Woodhard7%not suitable floating/fully glued down 9kg/m²
Solidhard8%not suitable fully glued down 11,5kg/m²